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Always Tell The TRUTH!!
But live a life so extraordinary that no-one would believe you anyway!!

(If only)

Truth be told i dont know what my LJ will contain but i'm happy to let it evolve as it goes along!! (I just love that quote from a book i once read)

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Dec. 30th, 2007 @ 11:13 am For sale - DJ Equipment!!
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Current Music: Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes
Yup, a mere 18 months (and 1 usage) later I’ve decided that its time to get rid! I bought my Kam KPCD3000 18 months ago with the intention of starting my own night some time in the future but at the time there was too much happening in the surrounding area (leeds/york) to warrant another night starting up. These days I have neither the time or the motivation to do it.

I'm looking at getting on to the property ladder, finally, in the next few months and will probably have no room for it to be lying around doing nothing.

So, does anyone fancy some shiny new decks at a knock down price?? As I said they have only been used once at a wedding gig last year and have been stood in a smoke free room and never touched (besides regular dusting). They are in perfect working order and in complete mint condition!!

details of the kit on the manufacturers site

A review of the kit

So to value, I’m after £375 but i'm open to (reasonable) offers
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Lil goth dude
Dec. 24th, 2007 @ 11:48 pm Merry "Insert appropriate politically correct festival here" or just say xmas
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Current Music: Alter Bridge - Metalingus
and just because i have no shame!!


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Nov. 10th, 2007 @ 12:13 am One of the best fanvids ive ever seen

An amazing fanvid for depeche mode's excellent 'John the revelator'

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Nov. 3rd, 2007 @ 03:24 pm So another job change then!!
Current Mood: Contented
Current Music: the hum of the office aircon
So it looks like I'm changing job yet again! although I'm pretending this one doesn't count as I'm going back to an old employer.

I've been at will hills for 8 months and although i've made some good friends it has been a bit of a strain on my personal life. Long hours, boring work, and broken promises have worn me down to the point where I was already looking for another job. Then I got a call from my old colleague at Vossloh, the software house that made me redundant last year. It seems since then the company has been sold and they are doing a lot better. They have also decided that having one systems engineer in the whole company is probably a bad idea (do you think!!) and they offered me a rather hefty pay rise for a mon-fri 9-5 and the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills.

so I jumped at the chance.

There is a small chance hills will make me an offer to stay but I'm not holding my breath.

In other news, Nic and I have opened a joint bank account so we can work towards getting a place together - I guess we are both in it for the long haul then :D

Films: I went to see SAW IV the other night and wasn't too impressed, it had all the gore and shock factor of the others as you would expect and even had the typical twist (although one they used already). There's a part at the end where it gets very confusing as to how many timelines were running at the same time and IMHO it kind of spoilt an already mediocre film.

Music: I haven't been buying a lot of new stuff, or should I say a lot less than I usually do, and I have been buying a few albums I already own on cassette most recently medallist's black album. Which I had completely forgot how much I enjoyed. I also bought the new cult album, which I hated on my first listen but its fast growing on me

Books: I recently read Philip Pullmans 'His Dark Materials' trilogy on the recommendation of a work colleague, I'm surprised that I haven't come across these books before. They are extremely well written, well thought out and executed and have made it straight into my top 10 favourite books. If you haven't read them buy them and you'll lose a very pleasurable few hours. I strongly suggest reading them soon as the first film of the books will be released early December with an all star cast.
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Oct. 17th, 2007 @ 11:12 pm Aaaah thats better!!
Half the reason i havent posted anything for 10 months (besides laziness) is the fact that i havent been able to access LJ from work. I finally overcame the laziness long enough to figure out that i can post via email.......doh!!

Strange how i figured that out in the same week i hand my notice in!

but more about that later, i'm off to bed
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Oct. 12th, 2007 @ 07:05 pm Tormenta Palma de Mallorca 04/10/2007 (2)

So i just got back for a holiday in mallorca. Had a great holiday untill we went to Palma for the day and at about 5pm day became night and we ended up in the worst storm i've ever seen - i was actually stood waiting foar a bus while this kicked off!!

so i celebrated being alive by going back to the resort and getting tattoo'd :D
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Feb. 11th, 2007 @ 04:40 pm A week in the new job
Current Music: Angels And Agony - Walk On Stars
There is very little i can say about my first week at William Hill. I have pretty much spent the whole week listening in on support calls in both 1st and 2nd line support which was interesting at first but grew increasingly dull as the week went on. I was hoping to be fixing some problems at last on friday, only to find that my network logins didnt work!! So back on with the headset and another day of boredom.

On the positive side the rest of the team seem to be a good laugh and i suspect i will get on with them very well. the role itself isnt actually as technical as i would have liked, mainly applying known fixes to problems and not a lot of real fault finding; but at least it is back in the right industry and with a company that should be able to give me a good future. It is definately a step in the right direction and i pays better than my last 2 roles. All in all i think i'm going to enjoy it.

Friday night saw a short but enjoyable evening at Friday flock live at the mixing tin, unfortunately Nic had to work on saturday and the weather was treachorous so we had to leave at 11.30 to head back to harrogate before the weather made it too unsafe to drive. This meant we only caught the first 2 acts Novus and Trauma Pet.


I was keen to see what Novus were going to be like, i used to like faithful dawn years back so i was very interested to hear Sarah Jane's new project. It turned out to be Sarah and the 2 remaining member of Cybercide filling in, not sure how that came about. I have got to say i was pretty disappointed at first the vocals were strained and the first couple of tracks i found quite grating. About half way through the set i thought they got it together and by the end of the set i was really enjoying it. I put the dodgy start down to nerves and bought the 2 track (one track and a remix) CD anyway.

Trauma Pet

Last time i saw trauma pet was at another four band live event put together by viciouscabaret a couple of years back. Back then i wasn't too impressed and was sort of left with a feeling of apathy towards them, Nic really enjoyed them though so i was prepared to give them another go. I must say that this time i really enjoyed their set they seemed to have much more energy than last time, this was possibly down to the live drums and extra guitarist which changed the dynamic somewhat. They seemed to have a far fuller sound than last time. Its good to see them improve and i will definately see them again if they come back this way.

Another great night, cheers Paul!!

It was an interesting ride home in the snow, especially sliding around while going round rudding park so i am glad we didnt stay to see deathboy and Deviant UK We will catch them next time i suppose.

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Emo Kid
Feb. 3rd, 2007 @ 03:52 pm Thank flock for fridays!
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Imperative Reaction - Collapse
Yesterday was pretty relaxed ive got a couple of days off before i start at William Hill so i've been taking it easy surfing the web, catching up on Millenium, reading Clive Barkers biography and playing the punisher on the XBOX.

Last night it was out for the first time in ages (not counting nights ive been DJing at) and boy did i enjoy it. I love the amazing affect a few drinks has in my ability to not give a flying [insert expletive here] about what i look like or what anyone thinks and just enjoy myself. I had a great night and danced (maniacally) to some excellent tunes i havent heard in years. With a bit of luck i should be able to get out more in the next few weeks hopefully we'll heading out to the FF live thing next week.

Bizarre news story WTF!!?!?!??!

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Jan. 25th, 2007 @ 11:20 pm As (un)happy as an iguana with 2 d!cks
In my typically male purile humor i found this rather amusing

Never Give An Iguana Viagra
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Jan. 25th, 2007 @ 12:01 am So 2 months have passed and so much news!! (Happy new year!?!?!)
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: ThousandFootKrutch - Phenomenon

I've finally taken time to update my LJ and there’s so much news its just silly! so best to do it as a selection of cuts and you can read if and what you like!

Departing friends!!Collapse )

Dark AssimilationCollapse )

New Job!!! (Part 1)Collapse )

DJing Weekend (Redshift and the Robinson-Barber Wedding)Collapse )

Returning FriendsCollapse )

New Job (Part 2)Collapse )

So that is it, I promise not to leave it so long that it is such a gargantuan task to update next time!!

So far 2007 is going well!!

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