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Sep. 19th, 2008 @ 08:34 am (no subject)
So far this week work has been pretty quiet, I think its the calm before the storm. As of next week I will begin getting kit together for our annual user conference. Apparently it is going to be responsibility in its entirety even though I have never even attended one of these things, let alone set kit up for them.

Anyway its only 13 pcs in seven different languages!!!!!

Does anyone know anything about headphones, the in-ear type? I have a set of Sony fontopia phones which I am pretty happy with but they are getting old and worn and I need to get a new set before they give up the ghost. I have a budget of £75 (£100 max). I used to have a set of Bose in-ear phones that I really liked, until the cord fell to bits and I tried to claim on the warranty. Only to find the set I had were fake. Turns out they were bought of ebay, doh...

Anyhow, I’m looking for some decent all-rounders that will sound just as good playing EBM to Metal to Indie to Classical. The ones I have been looking at so far:

Another set of the Bose in-ear (but real ones this time)
Shure e210
Etymotic ER6i
Or just some more Sony fontopia (as they are now available for only £17)
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